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Berom Youth Launches Income Generation Platform, Inaugurates Gyel Executives

Berom Youth Launches Income Generation Platform, Inaugurates Gyel Executives

The Berom Youth Moulders-Association on Saturday 18th May, 2019 launched an income generating platform known as ‘Naga’mo’ meaning your ‘Hundred Naira’

The platform will enable members and well wishers to contribute towards achieving the set objective of the Association.

Also at the event the Gyel District Executives of the Association were inaugurated with a charge by the President on them to work towards the unity, peace and prosperity of the Berom Nation, Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole.

Below is the speech of the National President at the event:


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good Mornin.

Permit me on behalf of my Exco and Central Working Committee of Berom Youth Moulders-Association to welcome you all to this special and unique programme,
tag launching of Nagamo Project.

I am happy to inform us all that with the arrival of this project, the end of our suffering as a nation has come if truly and sincerely we key into this vision.

The Berom Nation has had their share of pains, rejection, hatred, frustration and agony due to lack of leadership will to make things work correctly.

The Berom Man has enough energy to fight within and the enemies takes advantage of without to add more pains for us.

This is where we are as a nation, thinking upright and proffer solution to the evil menace that has bedeviling us has become a course to worry, you will all agree with me that all is not well with us Berom people.

Those the need to change the narrative has become compulsory.

With your Hundred Naira monthly the Berom Nation will experience peace and our youths would get empowered, educated, sponsorship, and encouragement to do the needful especially now that we are in a global village.

The era of begging from politicians would varnish.
With your hundred naira monthly, we would take back our microfinance bank in Bukuru.
With your hundred naira monthly we will build a befitting multipurpose hall that would generate income to the association.
With your hundred naira monthly we would have a FIFA standard stadium for the association.
With your hundred naira monthly a child of that poor woman/mother in Gashish will smile again.
With your Hundred Naira monthly, BYM would stand with its shoulder high on the Plateau.

I humbly appeal to all to embrace this vision with passion.

Mr. Parker, you are wonderful, God bless you and your generation.

Our partners, thank you for offering yourself at a time like this, history would not forget you all.
Our teaming youth thank you for your support, we assure you that the entire process is anchored on transparency. We assure you that with your support we will not regret this new innovation.

Lastly, as we emback on the journey of making BYM financially independent don’t wait to be told but make it a duty to be part of this history and your name would be written in goal.

I wish you safe journey back home after the programme.

God bless BYM
God bless Berom Nation
God bless Plateau State
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
Thank you all.

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