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Berom Youth Moulders-Association (BYM) Inaugurates its Newly Elected Excos

Berom Youth Moulders-Association (BYM) Inaugurates its Newly Elected Excos




On behalf of my team, I want to sincerely thank God Almighty for making this day a reality, as we accept the privilege to serve as leaders of thus great and historic organisation, the Berom Youth Moulders- Association (BYM) through the popular will of the people. We are humbled with the fact that we are just first among equals.

At this gracious and solemn occasion, we humbly avail ourselves to be beacons of a collective will, hope,  vision of BYM with a pledge to be committed to the vision in all ramifications.
As you are all aware, the Berom Youth Moulders Association (BYM) formerly known as ,Berom Youth Moulders Association (BYM) formerly known as BEROM YOUTH MOVEMENT is a community base organization that is desirous to unite into a common front to foster unity, love, progress and understanding amongst the Berom youths and also recognizing the need to consolidate ourselves, emancipate our people and discharge of our responsibilities as members of the society.
we wish to acknowledge the great strides our predecessors have made in pushing the BYM agenda to enviable heights, you did well and we hope to consolidate on most of your achievements.

Our top priority is to  restore the dignity and respect the association enjoys, locally, nationally and internationally. Second, to reposition it as a hub for nurturing future leaders that will carry the vision of our founding fathers to  enviable heights with the globalised world in view.
Considering our present challenges, the agenda for our tenure are as follows;
1. Restoration of the pride and dignity of the organisation
2. Security and Reclamation of our displaced villages.
3. Promotion of peaceful & social coexistence amongst all districts
4. Economic empowerment of our youth.

The above are the four (4) cardinal agenda that we hope to form the nucleus of our tenure.

With hindsight, the Berom people have recorded many threats to their socioeconomic and cultural existence but quite recently, this has become more daunting, complex, bloody and dehumanising. The insecurity we face today on all flanks has recorded many deaths and rendered some of our loved ones, relatives and friends homeless. And this juncture, brothers and sisters, I crave your indulgence because this can never be overemphasised because this current situation leaves much to be desired. The founding fathers of this great organisation will never have imagined that one day some of our people will be called Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in their God given land! Today, the IDP situation in our land has become a daunting task alien to us but a sour reality which must be decisively addressed collectively. That is why the security of our people is inevitably among our topmost priorities as an EXCO.

We will continue to work, support and collaborate with all the security agencies, the government, social institutions, spirited organisations (private or public) and individuals to achieve the sustainable security and peace our lands were hitherto known for.

We are not oblivious of the fact that this security challenge is a national issue and as such our strategy will be to localise our approach to anything and anybody that threatens our collective existence as a people. This approach was well thought out considering for instance, the fact that the security challenges faced by Zamfara, Kaduna or Ebonyi may have particular patterns and peculiarities totally different from what we face here in Plateau state. So the approach in our wisdom must be localised. Enough is enough! Meekness isn’t weakness.

Another critical clamour of the Berom youth today is economic emancipation. The enterprise and industry of the average Berom youth is phenomenal and admirable without enabling environments. So what if given enabling environments? Our youth will soar to enviable heights. With the present globalized environment driven by.

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