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Berom Youths Commence Building of over N100 million Multipurpose Auditorium

Berom Youths Commence Building of over N100 million Multipurpose Auditorium

The Berom Youths Moulders Association (BYM) Commenced The Foundation Laying Of The BYM Multipurpose Auditorium Situated At No 1 Zaramaganda, Fwa-vwei, Rayfield Rd behind Air force Qtrs In Jos, Plateau State..

Friday, 8th May 2020

It was another remarkable and progressive steps taken by the leadership of the Bym today as the foundation laying of the Bym multipurpose auditorium commences with notable personalities in attendance.

It will be recall that the foundation digging of the Bym multipurpose auditorium kick-started somewhere around April 9th 2020 and through a progressive manner today was another milestone achievement recorded as the foundation laying of the Bym multipurpose auditorium commences to the glory of God Amen..

The Bym President Rwas Gabriel S.Badung on his opening remarks broke the cheering news to the dignitaries present over the unprecedented and sacrificing efforts of one of the illustrious daughter of the soil, Sarah Pam-Dagah who painstakingly contributed another amount of five hundred thousand naira out of passion after her first arrival to the site of the Bym multipurpose auditorium project making the sum of one million naira contributed by her consequentially to ensure the completion of the foundation..

The Bym President then awarded his predecessors from the point of acquiring the land to the present levels of progression on the site where he reiterated that, by God’s willing before his tenure ends the project shall be at the completion levels..

The Bym multipurpose auditorium foundation laying commissioner, Gwom rwei of Heipang Da Paul Tadi Tok who represented His Royal Majesty the Gbong Gwom of Jos could not hide his kind endearing and admiration for the present leadership of the Bym over their less talk but with alarming achievements within a short period of time while in the office after which he promised to convey the wholesome development to his majesty the Gbong Gwom of Jos..

Ngo Sarah Pam Dagah who was the co-foundation laying commissioner of the Bym multipurpose auditorium and the highest donor to the project ever recorded said she’s always proud to be the daughter of the land through which she couldn’t wait to announced her enormous desire to ensuring that the Berom nation is taken to enviable heights, Sarah Dagah then called for all the illustrious sons, daughters within the Berom nation as well as the Bym faithfuls to accept the fact that the success of the ahead project is a collective efforts as she admonished the Bym leadership to intimates other illustrious sons of the land to key into the project..

In a closing remarks, the Bym vice president Rwas Damba Dang appreciated His Royal Majesty, the Gbong Gwom of Jos for his commitment through partnering with the Berom youths as part of efforts to integrating the youths on the plateau and Nigeria at large..

The history making event through which total social distancing and other preventive measures was maintained as in compliance to government and medical directives as against further transmission of covid-19 was highly attended by following renowned personalities;

Gwom rwei of Heipang Da Paul Tadi Tok, Ngo Sarah Pam Dagah, Da Dauda Gashi/Da Ezekiel Foron Bot members, Barr John Mangu, Bym Chairmen of Vwan, Du, and Gyel, Rwas Rwang Patrick Stephen, Hwong Vera Sele, Face of Bym national body, Zere Bachi, Zere Fan, Zere NUBES national body, the building committee chairman/secretary and members, Bym exco headed by the President, Rwas Albert Gyang, Rwas Samson Makim, Rwas Chomoshen Emmanuel and other Bym stakeholders..

There were prayers for prosperity offered for the land including the royalty, political leaders, clergies, self-employed, goverment workers, all the community based organizations, the youths, government and the ravaging covid-19 epidemic which was led by Rwas Balings..

God bless the Berom nation Amen..


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