Nigerian military personnel with others resolved to render Communities vulnerable

Nigerian ArmyThe recent declaration for re-inforcement of Nigerian military personnel to halt further attacks on Plateau locals is said to have already been infiltrated by some prominent serving military officers, politicians and retired Generals who converged to a secret venue and unanimously resolved to render Christian communities much more vulnerable by aiding Jihadists in ethnic cleansing mission.

The new security arrangement is said to be ploy to intensify the on-going ethnic cleansing under a watch and coordination of Brig. Gen. A.M Bello, the Chief of Staff of the military.

The military personnel selected for the dastardly mission have been ordered to ensure total ransacking of Berom and other communities so that Fulani herdsmen would have a free bloodbath.

The directive is said to have been made by Gen. Danbazau in conjunction with other Islamists that after overruning major ethnic nationalities on the Plateau, , the minority will be a work over.

In their plans, not only Berom is their target, but Lantang, Shendam, Qua'an Pan, Bokkos, Pankshin and Bassa Local Government Areas. In addition, Jos North has also been earmarked for the mission.

Based on the planned arrangement on ground to unleash, it's only God's intervention that can avert the impending doom about to be visited on the church of God. In this regard, Christians are hereby called upon to fervently pray for God's written judgment be executed on ethno-political elements that are involved in the heinous mission of anti-Christ. Pray against the handiwork of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, Gen. Danbazau, Gen. A.M. Bello, and other Islamic forces that have bent out in bringing the church to a state of extinction. Pray also that God should rain down plague on the aforementioned otherwise, Christian communities will be gost settlements.

Please, circulate this message to all Christians within and outside Nigeria, especially America and other parts of the globe.
Watch out and pray against any other Islamic mission of Nigerian Government.


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