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8TH AUGUST, 2021.

The Berom Youth Moulders-Association (BYM) wishes to note with deep concern, the unacceptable plundering of Berom land under the direct watch of constituted authorities charged with the responsibility of upholding all people’s rights as entrenched in the Nigerian 1999 Constitution (as amended).
It’s no longer news that killings of innocent citizens have continued unabated in Barkin Ladi, Jos North/South and Riyom LGAs amongst others.
These evil acts are being perpetrated by the fulanis; the world’s fourth deadliest known terrorist group (Global Terrorism Index 2018). It is therefore a Known fact that the fulanis have become a global threat.
Between January and August 2021 alone, over 50 berom natives including women and children have been killed in cold blood, over 26 persons injured and over 30 hectares of farm lands have been completely mowed down by the fulani terrorists without any attention, consolation or compensation by government at any level.
Furthermore, there are more than 55 hamlets and villages in Berom land especially, in Barkin Ladi and Riyom LGAs that are currently under the forceful occupation of the Fulani and in some instances, have already been renamed as prove of an unprecedented wave of land grab.
Sadly, this carnage, genocide and wanton destruction of properties are being carried out in the very eyes of the personnel of the operation safe Haven whom government spends Billions of tax payers money on their operation to protect lives and properties of all Nigerians. Many instances, the military collaborates with the Fulanis to carry out these dastardly acts. The military’s direct participation on the destruction of Berom people’s farmlands and properties has at many times generated so many petitions, press conferences/releases and in some instances physical demonstrations by the Berom communities demanding for the removal of the Military.
It is given the foregoing that BYM is deeply worried about the following:

  1. That there’s a continued onslaught of the Berom people which is being championed by the Fulanis and aided by the security agencies saddled with the responsibility to protect lives and property.
  2. The Fulanis have adopted a pattern of a continued destruction of farm crops of Berom almost on a daily basis; yet no decisive measure has ever been taken by government.
  3. Why are the authorities turning a blind eye to the plight of the Berom and indeed, other indigenous communities on the Plateau as attackers are neither apprehended nor prosecuted?
  4. Since the inception of these genocide and wanton destruction of farm lands, the Berom nation is left at the mercy of no one. There is hardly any Government program or record of any significant relief, succor or support to victims by SEMA/NEMA as it is being done in the North East and North West. However, government at the state and local levels in plateau have paid at many instances compensations on cattle head to the fulanis whenever they claim that their cattle are either rustled, killed or injured. Are we not right therefore, to conclude that Government’s silence and inaction is a tacit endorsement of the onslaughts of the Fulani against our people?
  5. The economic warfare being waged by the Fulani militia against farmers in the land has unquantifiable consequences in terms of food security, employment and crime in the State which are capable of crippling the National Economy.
  6. In this situation where the Nigerian Government has utterly failed to guarantee the people’s rights, would we be wrong to petition the International Community under the United Nations system and other International Institutions to come to our rescue?


  1. In the interest of justice, peace and harmonious coexistence, Government at all levels must demonstrate the political will to apprehend, prosecute as well as punish all aggressors and offenders without fear or favor according to extant laws governing Nigeria.
  2. Similarly, all the so-call bad eggs within the security agents deployed to maintain the peace within the State and beyond who are alleged of collusion, collaboration and active participation in attacks and sundry crimes should be fished out and dealt with accordingly.
  3. We call on Government and all relevant agencies to be alive to their responsibility especially, in support of victims and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) through SEMA and NEMA.
  4. The fulani militia is a terrorist organization which the federal government should proscribe and declare as such.
  5. We also wish to draw the attention of the international community and all lovers of peace and humanity to come to the plight of the Berom nation to avert total annihilation by the fulanis. Those whose farmlands have been destroyed should be compensated by the government to avert looming food crisis.
    In conclusion, We are calling on the entire Berom nation to rise to the occasion and use whatever legal means to defend their lives and their God-given land. This is because the Berom people have become an endangered species by the activities of the Fulanis. We are Nigerians with equal right thus cannot be subjected to the status of second-class citizens.
    The BYM also wishes to condole with our brothers and neighbors, the Irigwe Youth Movement and the entire Irigwe chiefdom over the recent armed invasion of their communities where several lives were lost and many houses razed down by the Fulani Militia. It is very sad and unfortunate that such a carnage was carried out with ease in the presence of a military barrack. The Berom nation shares similar fate and our hearts are with you in prayers.

Elisha Datiri,
BYM National Secretary General.

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