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Press Release on Hoss and Hwak-Kwata Zawan communities

Press Release on Hoss and Hwak-Kwata Zawan communities


Our attention has been drawn to media reports credited to the Media Officer Operation Safe Haven Captain Ikedichi concerning the man onslaughts by Fulani Herdsmen in Gwol Hoss of Riyom Local Government and Hwak-Kwata Zawan of Jos South Local Government Areas respectively where he claimed that the attack on the Berom on Sunday 13th December 2015 in the two affected villages were aftermath of previous attack on the Fulani.

While we commend the STF for mitigating attack incidences in recent times and pray God to endow them with the desired acumen to bring these long orchestrated ethnic cleansing to a halt; we make bold to say that STF’s allusion of the attack on the Berom to a reprisal by the Fulani herdsmen is unfounded, malicious as well as misleading, and a justification for a condemnable crime which’s perpetrators ought to have been out-rightly apprehended and prosecuted.
We are dumbfounded on hearing the STF justify killings of innocent villager in cold blood with the assertion that the simultaneous attacks were reprisals ; that goes to say that killings in the guise of reprisal has been legalized in this part of the country hence such heinous acts does not amount to misdeed.

This unlawful justification of the killings further drives us to vagueness of the STF’s ability to nip the recurrent attacks on our villages which has drastically depleted us numerically.

It is on record that there has been no incident of assault on any Fulani herdsman in Kwata Zawan preceding the numerous attacks on the Berom and other ethnic groups ,hence, worthy of note is that the 13th December 2015 unambiguous simultaneous terrorist attacks on Kwata and Hoss villages were renewed incidences with the intent of cleansing the Berom ethnic group and not reprisal in any way as asserted by the STF in several media appearances .
The unprovoked killing of 6 villagers alongside soldier in Gwol Hoss Riyom Local Government Area and 16 Villages in Hwak-Kwata Gwol of Jos South Local Government Areas respectively by the Fulani was so conspicuous that members of the STF should not claim ignorance of, such that they resort to branding the attacked as aggressors and further declaring fallacious figure of 12 deaths from the two separate incidences against the actual of 22.

Latest in the sequence of these killings is the brutal murder of Pastor Yohanna of COCIN Banghai while on transit with his beloved wife who narrowly escaped death with multiple gunshot wounds by the herdsmen on Wednesday 16th December 2015 and the STF would boldly justify this reprehensible acts.

We are also perplexed with the trailing of a Berom traditional leader by the STF whom they alleged was responsible for the purported killing of 2 herdsmen in the same location where Fulani herdsmen consistently kills the Beroms in outrageous numbers daily, yet there has been no attempt to apprehend any of their leaders, hence we are strained to state that the STF is consciously acting the scripts of the Fulani herdsmen.

The STF having known the motive of the attackers clearly depicts its knowledge of their (attackers) identity, yet they continue to brand them as ‘unknown gun men’ without concerted effort to unmask them.

We hereby use this medium to call on the STF to identify and flush out bad eggs amongst them, make concerted and deliberate efforts in employing Professionalism to contain the resurgence of insecurity in Berom land, stop the unacceptable justification of crime in what so ever guise, condemn criminality in all spheres by bringing perpetrators to book not withstanding who is involved, then peace and tranquility shall be restored in the Land.

Also, as a measure to curb the security uprising, the STF must disarm these well trained terrorist, prosecute and identify their sponsors with the view to ending this ordeals that has inflicted immense losses and untold hardship on the Berom populace.

Chuwang C. Dalyop – President
Jatau D.Gyang – National Publicity Secretary

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