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Ethno-racial studies have revealed that the entire ethnic nationalities of the World belong to different racial groupings. Hence the Berom are said to belong to the Bantu race. According to Dudley Stamp in his (GEOGRAPHY OF AFRICA 1ST EDITION 1922). The Bantu race has a migratory pattem from South-West Africa, i.e. the present Namibia and extended to cover areas which include Namibia itself, the two Congos, South-Western Tanzania, Central African Republic, Gabon, Southern Cameroon, South Eastern Nigeria, Central Nigeria —covering Benue, part of Taraba, part of Nassarawa, Southern Kadtma, Southern Bauchi and Plateau States. This conforms with the fact that there are some common dialectal elements that mean the same things amongst the Berom, Jarawa, Tiv, Anang, Effik, Ibibio, Kaje, Kataf, Taroh, Ron etc. Migration of the Bantu nationalities might have been prompted by over-population, the need for farmland, grazing field as well as disagreement amongst the people. All of these were common migratory factors in those days.   Click here for more.


After the pacification of Northern Nigeria by the British in 1906, Provinces were created with the Berom being part of the former Bauchi Province. It became apparent to the colonial authority that it would be difficult to administer the over seventy three Berom village units without a paramount Chief. Beside, the development of Tin Mining in the Berom area also brought a large stranger population which the Berom Chiefs could not control with their limited autonomous powers.

Consequently, the first step taken by the colonial authority was the political reorganization of the units by Mr. H. G. Synge into Eleven Districts and since sixty one of the political units claimed to have originated from Riyom, Riyom became the political and Spiritual centre of the Berom. After much debate by the colonial authority, the Gbong Gwom Stool was created in 1935. Click here for more

Welcome statement

Meh mwat nuyel tula be bwot bemat vwel mwa, ma si kyul en na jeng de yemo. Remo de yen a si basa na bereng nkyurok na pyeh Berom e bwan narang jey. Dagwey a teh Bare mot he se era wunato, sang’al ntyang na renuyel mot mwah. Ke wurom a si ye gwa , ke a si e gwa ou, a si wurom. E jam wot sei vwel mot , ko wot te gyeb vwel hemo da Dagwey a nong be Da be Da mot. Mafeng pyak. Nerat Dagwey ne seh era wot mwah sherek. Ano!

Rwas Gabriel Badung Sunday

We are committed to an egalitarian Berom nation where peace, unity and security, cultural values, attitudinal change, empowerment, educational advancement, environmental sustainability and health, agricultureal and sport development are attained.

We are Berom Youth Moulders-Association a community based organization aimed at youth mobilization aimed at Youth mobilization, peaceful coexistence and empowerment. We work with Berom Youths through capacity building, research, advocacy, lobbying, networking and collaboration.

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